Argument Advantage

The Argument Advantage was originally a multi-day facilitation for senior business leaders in the boardroom; now, it is an online course for you, whether you are a student of leadership, an entrepreneur, a leader or want to become one. Over 47 lectures, 21 quizzes, and 20 pages of supporting documents to HELP YOU INCREASE YOUR CREDIBILITY AND GET A PROMOTION!!!

"I've never had a leadership course like this one. This is by and far away the most instructive course I've taken on the subject." - Don Carrington

"Never thought about it, but it is true that leaders DO need to know how to argue. Very good buy." - Todd Oren

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Communication Advantage

The Communication Advantage is the first half of the Argument Advantage. It focuses on helping you establish the "right" ideas, according to the issue and the situation. The course then provides you methods and the best means to effectively communicate your idea, according to different roles and people in the organization.

If you want to increase your value effectively communicating your ideas, enroll now!

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